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Startups are temporary organizations searching for a repeatable and scalable business

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In their searching they need to be lean not to run out of cash, work with a lot of unknowns, continuously change and deliver things quickly. We’re running our own products as startups. So we know exactly where you come from and how to support you in your business.

Lean Startup Methodology

The lean startup approach helps new ventures launch products that customers actually want, far more quickly and cheaply than traditional methods.

startup methodology
MVP Design

MVP Design The Lean Way

When you have only an idea you don’t know what exactly you are building and you can spend way less money by designing it first. You go through a number of design iterations with us and you finally nail it down for a fraction of what you would spend if you develop it.

Quick Releases

Once design is ready, we deliver short releases in a very predictable way focusing not on due date but on release content and quality. This gives you a quality product that you can show to your early adopters and later to customers very quickly.

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