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If you want your product to have a mobile component because your customers demand that we are here to build it for you

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Our Mobile Technology Toolbelt

Our experience proves in most cases it is enough to build a mobile app using hybrid technology like React Native, Xamarin, Flutter or Kotlin instead of double work with native languages in Swift and Java. We are focused on React Native and it pairs nicely with React for web frontend.


Ios (Swift)


Android (java)







React Native

React Native is our choice for mobile apps. It’s a hybrid mobile framework backed by Facebook and Facebook says

It combines the best parts of native development with React, a best-in-class JavaScript library for building user interfaces.

IOS (Swift) & Android (Java)

It is rare that you need a native mobile app from the get-go. In most cases you build a hybrid mobile app to test your market and work with early adopters. Only when you reach the mass market and realize that your user experience really suffers from hybrid technology for some reason (which is really rare), you can reconsider and switch to native apps. We can help you with that.

What About Kotlin, Xamarin, Flutter?

Each of these cross-platform mobile development tools has their cons and pros over native mobile development. We tried all of them and can maintain apps written with any of these three but when we start from scratch we always choose React Native.

Let’s get connect and reach your customers on their mobile devices